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“This is the era of the Protein Paradox. Consumption of abundant amounts of meat and dairy was long associated with a luxurious, healthy and long life. The opposite is truth, we see now: humans, animals and the environment suffer from our overconsumption.”
— Jeroen Willemsen
Nr 62 Sustainable Top 100 The Netherlands 2018

Jeroen Willemsen – Green Protein Crusader

Capitalizing the opportunities that the protein transition offers. That is what I do, for over 20 years now. As an innovator, sustainable entrepreneur and frontman of the ‘green’ protein movement. A new system in which we produce and consume more plant based proteins is as necessary as it is inevitable. I translate the protein urgency to opportunities: for mankind, society, the environment and (circular) economy.

My experience as an entrepreneur and overview of the international ‘green’ protein landscape enables me to support stakeholders along the chain that recognize these opportunities. Farmers, producers, start-ups, governments, investors, banks, NGO’s and educational organizations. I connect them, create alliances and inspire them with my lectures. Towards an accelerated route-to-market, realization of sustainable policy goals and restoring a healthy and sustainable protein balance in consumption and production.